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 What's New  

We continue to enhance functionality and utility of our Care Center 5 platform. This fifth generation of Care Center 5 will provide you with the ability to customize the core modules that we offer - including the ability to add your own custom fields dynamically. You have a new requirement that arises where you need just one more new field? With Care Center 5 you can do this without even contacting us ! - meeting your needs head on at the pace of your business so you can spend more time with your consumers. Recently, we have added a new Employment Tracking module, enhanced alerts coverage for our nursing, diary and incident modules and a beta version of a reimbursable Billing module. For our Maryland customers - our new Billing module incorporates the latest DDA service types - Day, Support and Residential. We are also prototyping the electronic submission process.

Care Center 5 also supports multiple browsers and we to have it iPad and mobile phone friendly. Imagine the flexibility and freedom to view incident or nursing Reports on your iPad while on the go. We have released this new flagship product. Care Center 5 is also HIPAA compliant. We have also recently added a new executive dashboard with one click of your mouse you can get an instant pulse on the health and compliance of your entire organization. We also take security very seriously here at Carematic and to that end we have added two factor authenication. This new functionality will provide industry leading security for all your Carematic users.


Carematic Care Center

Care Center is our flagship product. As an on-line web delivered application, Care Center automates and enhances many of the information-oriented tasks to Organizations involved in providing care to people with developmental disabilities. Care Center runs on Carematic's servers, and is securely accessible from anywhere on the internet using a standard web browser. Some of the core features of Care Center include:

  • eMAR - Electronic Medication Application Record

    Beta trails in 2022 - Care Center’s eMAR Tracking Module offers a comprehensive and unified method to track your organization's medication administration. Our new eMAR module will allows you to accept/reject incoming prescriptions; setup a comprehensive medication administration schedule; create and configure medication alerts. This module will allow you to retire archaic methods of medication tracking like spreadsheets while having complete integration/data sharing with the other core Carematic 5 Modules. We are currently developing and testing our new eMAR module. Contact us for more information

  • Billing Management

    Care Center’s Billing Tracking Module offers a comprehensive and unified method to track your organization's reimburseable billable items. Our new billing module allows you to track and record billable items; approve billable items through a role based security hierarchy; create and invoice and track account receiveables. Our biling module is designed from the ground up to be easy to use but comprehensive allowing you to create account allocations and then track debits against an allocated pool of funds. Phase II this year will include the ability to submit for reimbursement to Medicaid and state organizations. Reporting features for this module include the ability to export an entire billing history for an individual to Excel. This module will allow you to retire archaic methods of billing tracking like spreadsheets while having complete integration/data sharing with the other core Carematic 5 Modules. We are currently pilot testing our new billing module with several providers.

  • Employment Tracking

    Care Center’s Employment Tracking Module offers a comprehensive and unified method to track employment history for each individual you care for. These include a consolidated view of employment specifics including pay rate; position; period of employment; benefits recieved; supervisor at the employeer; termination reason; hours worked per week and what type of transportation is used to get to work. Our new employment module provides some nice convenience features including automatically calculating the number of days employeed and a single pane of glass to see the entire employment history for an individual with one click. Reporting features for this module include the ability to export an entire employment history for an individual to Excel. This module will allow you to retire archaic methods of employment tracking like spreadsheets while having complete integration/data sharing with the other core Carematic 5 Modules

  • Case Management

    Care Center’s Case Management Module offers a comprehensive and unified method to the array of case management tasks. These include a consolidated view of the Individual Plans’ (IP) components such as demographics; goals and outcomes; strengths and areas of needs; health, medical, psychiatric, appointment records and follow-up tracking. The reporting feature is adaptive and customizable for specific IP requirements including individual state regulatory and automated notifications and invitations to IP reviews. As advocates, case managers develop and track mapping relationships for each client, Care Center’s Case Management Module ensures all contacts, persons of interest, communications and other pertinent information is collected, recorded and organized based on specific user directed requirements. All data is time stamped with electronic signatory to verify/validate compliance with state regulations. Management is offered the ability to perform various trends and analysis, such as the ability to aggregate caseload and demographics

  • Consumer Diary

    Each individual that you care for has a web based diary/daily log that can be written in by assigned staff. This provides a way to note each individual's personal successes on a daily basis, and create a lasting record of events in their life. Care Center Diary also provides a central place where staff can keep up with the lives of the people that they support. This module is particularly useful when weekend staff arrive by allowing them to consult the diary to quickly see how an individual faired during the week. The Consumer Diary makes it easy to document the lives of individuals that you serve, while enhancing the quality of care by improving staff communication.

  • Consumer Incident Reports

    Carematic Care Center provides a simple incident reporting interface that is easy to use by both direct care and program staff. Care Center guides you through all the steps required to collect incident data for quality assurance and state filings. Care Center then allows you to search, sort, retrieve, and classify incidents to help you analyze how well your organization's running.

  • Employee Training Management and Tracking

    Organizations that care for people with severe developmental disabilities have specialized staff that are often mandated by state regulatory statues to institute and maintain a comprehensive employee training program. Whether you are offering the train at your facility or out-sourced - you need a way to prescriptively track the training that employees are taking and when training is completed. Care Center's Training Management Module allows you to create a course catalog, create year-over-year training plans for employees on an individual basis and then create "available sessions" that you can assign to your employees. Training Management even supports a self-service model where employees can register for courses that are in their training plan or as in an extended learning capacity. As a training administrator you will be able to record and certify when training courses are completed. Training Management also offers powerful reporting tools that allow you to determine employees certified by course, aggregated views by employee and course. If you are still tracking your training with spreadsheets or paper our Training Management Module will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend managing your employee training.

  • Individual Consumer Attendance Tracking

    Carematic Care Center Attendance module accelerates your organization by allowing staff to note an individual's attendance in your program on a daily basis, then summarizing the information for you. As a result, you can proactively manage your organization, ensuring that you receive full funding for each individual you serve.

  • Individual Consumer Planning

    Creating and managing individual consumer plans is easy with Carematic's Individual Planning Module. You can create a series of plans for typically encompasses one year. A plan can have narrative materials, attached documents as you create and set goals and record outcomes. Individual planning allows you to create a series of tasks that are to be performed, a time table for each task and a signoff procedure that can include multiple employees or groups of employees. Once an individual's plan is created it is easy for direct support staff to see what activities are upcoming and monitor the status of each goal. System also provides the ability to entre progress notes on any goal and to condense goals, outcomes, and notes into a report that can be used for periodic reviews

  • Facility and Organization Tracking

    Carematic Care Center Unifies your Organization by providing a central on-line site for all planning, documentation, reporting, and staffing functions. Using Carematic Care Center, you can monitor your organization from anywhere, and can instantly assess the status of Pay consumers, homes, workplaces, vehicles, and staff. Care Center allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your organization on a moment by moment basis, even when your organization is spread across a wide geographical area.

  • Nursing Assessments

    Just recently added to Care Center, the Nursing Assessments module allows your nursing staff electronically store your 30 to 45 day state mandated assessments. Nursing allows you to store all the vital information related to the typical nursing evaluation that you perform on your consumers on a monthly basis. In addition to storing vital statistics like blood pressure readings, height, weight and temperature our system allows you to enter information about on-going medications, next doctors' appointments and information around mental health and any associated out-reach programs a consumer may be involved with. Care Center Nursing module also provides a summary report which allows you to see when consumer had their last assessment and provides a neatly formatted printout that can accompany the consumer to doctor appointment or urgent care. Having historical nursing assessments readily available will allow your staff to better analyze trends and changing health conditions.

  • Programmable Organizational Alerts

    New Updates for 2019 - Care Center's Alerts functionality keeps your staff informed of any significant events by delivering selective alerts to your cell phone, email or tablet. You will know right away about incident reports, new nursing assessments, additions to nursing plan of care profiles, facility issues and messages. Care Center puts you out in front of your organization making it easy for you to use state of the art software to improve the quality of care for the people that you serve.

  • Secure Employee Messaging

    Care Center's secure messaging is like email, but is a closed system. As such, it implements a higher degree of accountability and is not subject to abuses like spam. Using Care Center's secure messaging, you can eliminate paper memos, phone tag, and "didn't get the message" problems, because Care Center tells you exactly when each person read each message. Care Center archives all messages forever, making them useful as reference documents. Care Center's messaging and incident reporting systems ensure that people in your organization are always in touch with the most important aspect of their jobs: providing care to people. Care Center's systems promote communication between directors, coordinators, weekday and weekend direct care staff, nurses, and other professionals in your organization, providing each staff member with a custom view of information about the individuals they serve.

  • Time Tracking

    Care Center's Time Tracking functionality allows you to eliminate paper time sheets and the long hours associated with collecting and processing them. Our "web clock" timesheet module allows you to track both hourly and salaried employees time worked while supporting weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly pay periods. Care Center's Time Tracking also supports a check and balance work flow paradigm that allows supervisor's to verify and correct time sheets prior to approval. Your employees overtime will automatically be calculated for hours worked beyond forty hours and you can monitor on an organizational basis who is currently on the "clock" with a concise employee summary dashboard interface. Time Tracking also allows you to analyze where your organization is really expending hours on a cost/job center basis with several administrator reports that give you operational details. This module also supports data outputting capabilities that allow your collected time to be exported where it can be subsequently processed by popular Payroll processing organizations such as ADP.


Carematic Systems Inc. is a provider of software and services that automate business processes in companies that provide services to people with developmental and other long-term disabilities. Typically these companies are required by law to keep extensive records about every aspect of their individual's lives. These records are compiled from a number of different sources and must be maintained in a specific form so that they can be audited regularly. Our products help companies maintain care records in an efficient, inexpensive and standards compliant manner. Today, individual program records for people with long term disabilities are maintained and compiled largely be hand. By automating the creation, compilation, validation and analysis of these records and providing other functionality to maintain other operational aspects of your company our products help deliver services with greater accuracy, lower cost and better quality of care to the individual. In that spirit we offer our flagship product, Carematic Care Center, a web-accessible information center that includes modules for activity planning, employee training management, nursing assessment, incident and facility reporting, demographics, time tracking, secure employee communication and other functions. Carematic unifies your organization around the information and systems required to support the individuals you serve.

 Customers and Testimonials 

Our philosophy is that what our customers say about our flagship Carematic product is vitally important. Not only does it provide relevant contextual information on the true operational efficiency achieved with CareCenter, but more importantly it allows us to continually refine and improve our products. Our valued customers are in Maryland, California and Massachusetts. Here are some thoughts shared by our valued customers.

Jewish Foundation

CareCenter Goals/Outcomes/ Diary Notes/Attendance: Overall the Carematic system has allowed for greater accountability, response time and accuracy. Carematic has the functionality to capture the charting of all client goals/outcomes; daily dairy notes/progress notes; and attendance records. All notations to an individual clients’ When information is documented it is also verifiable because all staff have a secure account. In addition all entries are time stamped. Not only can supervisors and administrators track employees work, but also have the ability to track and examine client’s records at any time. With the Carematic system there is never any lag time. Once an entry is made anywhere in the systems, all pertinent staff receive it. The ability of have “real time” information in all facets of operations is a tremendous quality assurance benefit and makes for a smoother running organization.

CareCenter Incident Reports: Administrators save tremendous amounts of time on a variety of functions: Turnaround time has been shortened significantly. Incident reports used to be handwritten and brought to the admin offices or sent in. It would then take anywhere from 3-7 days till all concerned parties signed off on the report. Now, an incident report is recorded on the computer and upon completion the entire report is transmitted to all supervisory and relevant personnel and alerts [via text/emailing] are also transmitted immediately , in “real time”. All staff are then reqd. to sign off on every incident rpt within 24 hrs. This has been a time saver and saved on staff travel to and from the main offices. It also provides everyone associated with a client to be on the same page at the same time. In other words there is no excuse for staff or supervisor or administrators to not have their pulse on what is going on. This also provides supervisory personnel a step ahead. Once they receive a text or email they are proactive in addressing events or situations. Nurses are also altered to medical issues immediately and with enough time to triage appropriately. Having the ability to have all staff receiving and processing information as soon as it's submitted is a tremendous improvement. Now all relevant staff are privy to information as soon as it happens.

New Horizons Supported Services Inc.

One huge change that I have seen at my agency is turn around time. The Program Coordinators have reported that they are able to notify the individual’s parents, caregivers, etc. of information faster, because they are not having so many question about the incident that occurred (i.e.- handwriting, staff not signing the incident report, lack of details, etc.). These issues used to slow down the turn around time in our agency. Also, there has been a huge increase of Directors notification in a timely manner. Our Directors are able to be notified as soon as an incident occurs; therefore it has become a great tool in assisting them in directing their programs. From a QA accept instead of me having to go to the Director to address possible program changes or issues I have noticed that they are coming to me, with a plan of correction now, which has been great. Also, it has been very beneficial to our nursing department. The nurse is now getting more details of injuries faster, which has increased their awareness of some training issues that needs to be addressed by their department. I have noticed that we are having more individualized trainings with staff to increase their knowledge of how to effectively support the individuals. I have also noticed that our incident reports have become more detailed. I can personally say that it has not only had a positive effect on the QA department at my agency, but it has really given our agency an opportunity to look at some of the small details, instead of waiting for it to snowball.

Community Living Inc.

We adopted Care Center in January 2007. Since that time we have seen a tremendous increase in efficiency and quality of service we provide. Time savings is the number 1 feature of the system. All of our reports (incidents, maintenance requests, etc.) used to be dropped off at the office. Now staff can submit these electronically. The reports make it to the hands of the decision makers in real time, not 24-72 hours later. Since the Care Center database is hosted on the Internet, our RN’s check the site from home. This way, even if a report is filed over a weekend, it is in the hands of a nurse immediately. I have used printouts of messages in Carematic in 3 of the 5 unemployment cases we have had this year. We won each of the initial determinations with the help of the documentation from Carematic. I have also been able to use it countless other times when addressing staff that is still employed here. In each of these cases, Carematic was able to document directives from supervisors and RN’s to staff. It creates greater and immediate accountability for all staff, and when staff is disciplined it creates a “paper trail” as our staff likes to call it. When filing reports to the state, it used to take approximately 4 hours to complete. This task has been shortened to mere minutes. Houses are looking better and are being better maintained due to the ease of filing a maintenance request using Carematic. Since the reports are easier to submit, there is a quicker response from Direct Support Staff between the discovery of the problem and the filing of the maintenance request. Incident reports are reviewed and commented on by all required parties within 24 hours of the incident. Prior to Carematic it could take as long as 5 business days. Our Staff uses Carematic to talk amongst themselves. This is increasing teamwork and cooperation amongst Direct Support Staff.

 Carematic Care Center System Requirements 

Please note that the requirements for Carematic Care Center version 5 have changed.

Here's what we recommend as a baseline for version 5:

  • Any reasonable CPU. A low-end system will do. As long as it has enough horsepower to run a browser, it will run Care Center.
  • We recommend Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Support for Windows XP has been phased out.
  • Minimum 1024x768 screen resolution (this is a bare minimum; more is better!) 
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 or 11, Edge, Chrome or Safari (new!). Although our software may work with earlier versions of IE, we do not test with IE9 or below and recommend updating to a later version. You will likely have the best experience with Chrome, IE11 or Edge.
  • Carematic Care Center works on most mobile devices.
  • Broadband internet connectivity for in-home computers
  • Note that Carematic Care Center does not require any local disk space

In addition, you may find it useful to have Microsoft Office installed, although it isn't required. Please note that we use Excel for all Carematic-generated reports. Adobe Acrobat documents (.pdf) are viewable in the browser without any extra software.


We're looking forward to seeing you at the next MACS and ARC of Virginia Conference once things open up again.

Please stay tuned for dates and location.


Carematic was founded in early 2005 with a singular mission: to create state-of-the-art software systems to improve the efficiency of organizations and quality of long-term care for people with disabilities. Carematic's founders come from both the technology and human services fields, and bring their many years of successful leadership experience to the company. Carematic software is specifically designed to allow your organization to spend more time caring for people while also gaining operational efficiency.

Chief Executive Officer Scott Carson has worked in the high technology field for more than 30 years. Together with serial entrepreneur Bill Magee, Scott founded Tracer Technologies, a software company which went on to achieve international success throughout the 1990s, and whose products are still in use today. Arnie Dordick, meanwhile, has spent the last 18 years as chief executive of Langton Green, a provider of residential and program services to people with developmental disabilities. For more than 10 years, Scott and Arnie have served together at Langton Green, Scott as volunteer president and board member, and Arnie as executive director. Scott, Bill, and Arnie bring together a unique combination of talent that forms the core of Carematic's team.

Carematic released its first product, Carematic Care Center version 1, in mid 2005. This product has been broadly accepted, and has helped to set a new standard for efficient, paperless operation. Carematic Care Center version 2, released in Q3 2006, took that effort to the next level with a whole new range of functions and customizations. Version 3, released in 2008, takes a uniquely consumer-centric approach and offers individual plan management, staff time tracking, consumer nursing assessments, and other new functions like employee training management. Carematic's products are built on the Microsoft .Net platform, using Silverlight, XML web services, and SQL Server.

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